Backdrop Painting For The Reluctant Painter

At the February 14 meeting, Paul Lodge offered to hold a clinic on “Backdrop Painting for the Reluctant Painter.” The class is designed for a limited enrollment of ten people, and new member Steve Wright has volunteered to help with this project.
This first one-day class is scheduled for Saturday, April 13, from 9 a.m. to noon. It will include learning to paint sky and clouds, mountains and foothills, lakes and ponds, and forests and trees. Arrangements have been made with Craft Mania to supply the necessary tools for the class. Class members who do not have the appropriate tools will be able to buy them on the day of the clinic. The tools will include a #2 fan brush, a pallet knife, a one-inch brush, and a two-inch brush. The cost of these tools is $20. Participants will also pay a registration fee of $10 to be donated to the club.
This first class will help to determine whether to offer additional classes. It is unclear as to how much time will be needed and what other details should be considered. Is this too much or too little time? Will additional tools be necessary? How much paint will be needed? Will non-class members be able to monitor the class? How much of a mess will we make? Will ten people be too many?
The sign-up sheet for this first class was filled with ten names at the February meeting. Some club members who were not at the meeting have also expressed interest in the Backdrop Painting class. When we have a clear picture of how this class goes, another class will be offered for those who did not get into this one.
A long-term goal of this project is to eventually offer additional Backdrop Painting classes to both members and non-members as a way to promote the hobby and bring a small amount of revenue into the club through the registration fee. Selling tools from Craft Mania will also benefit the club’s official craft store.

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