Pledge Drive For 2013

As this year comes to an end, I am asking you members if you are considering your pledge for your annual donaon for this coming year. As you know the Club is a 501 (c-3) non-profit educational organization as identified by the IRS. Any donaon is tax deductible on your individual income tax form.

I would like to thank those members who have given generously in our annual pledge drive this past year. As I illustrated in May at the annual meeting, the pledge drive makes up one third of our revenues. This coming year (2013) will be our first year of the second five-year plan to help offset the cost of operaon and maintenance of the building.

We are grateful to those who have contributed in the past, not only with labor but with monetary contributions to support our ongoing acvies. Some have contributed directly to specific projects when asked; others have contributed materials to help in building the layouts in the club. The success of the train show at the Auburn Middle School and the tremendous response of your me and effort for HOBO Holiday, Trainfest and for the ExTRAINaganza has been very encouraging this year.

As I report at each monthly meeting, the revenues generated from dues, train shows, raffle layout, and donated materials are supporting the normal operations of the club. These additional pledges help to pay for the club’s major projects. You will find in the newsletter a pledge form to fill out and forward to me.  All pledges will be held in strict confidence.

Thank you,
Thomas A Coulombe, Treasurer

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