The Cottage Industry Project

Cottage industry projects are popular today just as they were in the past, but we don’t seem to call them that
any more. A cottage industry is one in which materials and tools are used at home to produce a product for sale
in a marketplace with similar products. The Great Falls Model Railroad Club already has a market place in the
form of our surplus assets tables at shows and other events. Sales from these surplus assets raise a significant
amount of money to help pay our bills. We can use even more help.
If you have an idea for a product that you or others could produce for sale, we would like to know about it.  This project is getting underway. Club members are making plaster castings and trees, sanding boards, upgrading
vehicles and refurbishing buildings to be sold for profit.  What do you have for an idea? What can you contribute
for a product? We are willing to pay for the cost of materials or tools to help make a good idea come to fruition.
Products should be train-related, but we want to consider all good ideas.
Along this line, anything you do that enhances the club and helps generate funds would qualify you as a cottage
industry participant. For instance, it is important that the club modules at our shows look as good and as interesting as possible in order to draw more people. One member has agreed to adopt a couple of modules to restore and renovate. We have other modules available that need enhancement as well. Are you interested?

Please see or contact Jerry Johnston for any information or details on the Cottage Industry Project. 207-
966-2932 or

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