Auburn 150th Anniversary Cake Site

On Friday, February 22, 2019 the Great Falls Model Railroad Club at 144 Mill Street in Auburn (across from the Barker Mill in New Auburn) will be one of 30 different locations in Auburn serving as “Cake Sites” for Auburn’s 150th Birthday Celebration. In honor of Jake & Andy’s Donut Shop, the original owners of the railroad club building, we will be serving doughnuts from the Italian Bakery in Lewiston. Roger & Rolande Breton, who owned Jake & Andy’s for over 25 years, recommended the Italian Bakery as making the doughnuts that are the best in L-A and closest to those made for over 40 years by Jake & Andy’s. We will also be serving homemade brownies and other treats. The official website, indicates that we will be displaying and running trains and serving refreshments from 1 to 9. (The sign outside the club says 2 to 8.)

This is school vacation so children and grandchildren can also enjoy this special celebration. For a list of all the “Cake Sites” and the times they will be open, check The Auburn Public Library, most of the churches in Auburn, and many other sites will be serving cake for two to four hours that day.

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