Mike Paine

Mike and Tami have been active members of GFMRC and have been helpful in all of our activities. Tami is the Social Media Editor who posts items on Facebook for the railroad club. Her husband Mike was diagnosed with severe heart problems a few months ago. June 27, 2017 was the day scheduled for the operation.  Mike died in the hospital that night.  His heart was not strong enough to survive the surgery.  Tami needs prayers and support.

The last picture Tami sent was of Mike smiling happily while holding their newborn grandson, Logan, who was still in the hospital.

Mike and Tami have been extremely helpful at the railroad club and both have helped at all of the club’s major events – the ExTRAINaganza, Hobo Holiday, Train Fest, and the railroad shows in Topsham. They were always smiling and cheerful.  For the Hobo Holiday in May last year, they dressed in special hobo outfits Tami had created from clothes at Goodwill.  Tami had to work this year, but Mike and their granddaughter helped at the Hobo Holiday and stayed nearly all day.  Tami and Mike came often to Governor’s Restaurant to help with the railroad club’s activities at Family Night on the first Thursday of every month, and they usually came directly from working at the D’Youville Pavilion nursing home.

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